What’s the best tool to manage all of your contacts?

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What’s the best tool to manage all of your contacts?

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With all of our family, friends, and business contact information fragmented across Facebook, LinkedIn, Work, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCloud accounts, it can be a headache trying to find the correct email or phone number when needed.  With these options available to sync your contacts across your accounts (and across your mobile or desktop device), there is one solution that stands out…and it’s free!

Google Contacts is included when you sign up for a free Gmail account.  If you already have a Gmail account, one of the easiest ways to access your contacts is through https://www.google.com/contacts.  

  1. Once logged in, a good first step is to import your contacts from other accounts.  Find “Import Contacts” or “Import” on the bottom left-side of the contacts page.  
  2. Follow the instructions.  Google Contacts allow importing from either CSV files or vCards.  CSV files work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora, LinkedIn, and some other email providers.  Vcards work with Apple and others.
  3. Repeat the import for each account holding your contacts until they are all in Google Contacts.

Once you import your contacts from all of your accounts, a good second step is to check for duplicate contact information.  Google Contacts has an excellent tool for this.

  1. Click the “More” tab and then click “Find & Merge Duplicates”.  Depending on your version, you may be able to just click “Find Duplicates”.
  2. Review the Contacts and click “Merge” or “Dismiss” for each contact.

That’s it!  You now have all of your contacts in one place.  Sign into Google Contacts through your mobile or desktop device and all of your contacts are synced.  Remember: add any new contacts into your Google Contacts account.

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