What is the Best Productivity Tool you are not using?

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What is the Best Productivity Tool you are not using?

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The Best Productivity Tool you are not using is Dashlane…and it’s FREE

Dashlane claims you can save 50 hours a year by using their autofill tool.  Autofill is just one of the many productivity features baked in their “password manager” saving you precious time.  After using their service for over a year, there’s no turning back.  

What is Dashlane?

  • Password Manager – Keep all of your passwords in one secure place.
  • Autofill – Another web contact form to fill in?  Dashlane completes it for you!
  • Digital Wallet – store your credit card info and complete payment info when online shopping.
  • Auto Login – saved passwords are automatically entered in the proper fields.
  • Password Generator – trying to think of a complex password?  Dashlane does it for you.
  • Password Changer – press a button and your password is changed and saved.
  • Security Breach Notifier – another company data breach?  Dashlane lets you know.
  • Note Keeper – keep notes secure.
  • Share Passwords Securely

Want More? – Their Paid Premium tier adds:

  • Sync across all devices
  • Account Backup
  • Web Access to Passwords
  • Unlimited Sharing of Passwords

Try Dashlane and take back time and you may be surprised how organized you feel.  

What is your favorite time-saving productivity tool?



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