How to make your LinkedIn connections more useful

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How to make your LinkedIn connections more useful

Category : Automation

linkedinHow many LinkedIn connections do you have?  100? 250? 500+?  Chances are your network is growing weekly.  Keeping track of your LinkedIn connections contact information is painful. Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not offer a 2-way sync to contact managers such as Google Contacts or Microsoft Outlook.  This means more data entry for you.  One solution is to export your network into your contact manager, spreadsheet or software tool.  

  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Hover over “My Network” on the LinkedIn home page
  3. Click “Connections”
  4. Click the Settings Wheel in the right-hand corner
  5. Under “Advanced Settings”, Click “Export LinkedIn Connections”
  6. You should see the page giving you options for exporting the file to:
    Microsoft Outlook
    Outlook Express
    Yahoo! Mail
    Mac OS X Address Book

Note: CSV files will export into spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets)

LinkedIn downloads multiple CSV files.  Currently, the best file for contacts and their email address is the one named “connections.csv”.  You can now import your file from your contact manager or software tool making your LinkedIn connections more useful.

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