How to keep all of your Notes and Lists Organized

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How to keep all of your Notes and Lists Organized

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evernoteMeeting Notes, Shopping lists, Articles, Business Cards, Snail Mail, Important Documents, To-Do Lists, Email, Attachments and Checklists.  A few years ago, a friend recommended an app for digital organization of all this stuff, Evernote.  Today, Evernote continues to be a powerful productivity tool capturing all of the above and more.

Evernote can be downloaded and accessed across many platforms – Web, Mobile, and Desktop.   Once you sign up for a free account, all your notes are saved and synced.  Open up the app, and then add text, photos, lists, and audio.  Some of the best benefits of using Evernote are:

  • Take a photo of paper notes – (yes, Evernote even reads handwriting)
  • Search notes – including handwritten notes
  • Snap photos of a whiteboard – also searchable
  • Organize your notes with notebooks
  • Clip webpages to Evernote and save for reference

Other features:  Capture your location when taking notes, set reminders, audio capture, work chat, sharing notebooks (a poorly executed feature), send notes/attachments to your evernote email address. and adding context to your notes by linking your calendar(s).

Pricing – Plans depend on how much you use Evernote – a free Basic plan should be sufficient to get you started.  There is a 60MB monthly max for uploading all types of notes.  This should be plenty of upload allowance for the average user.  Of course, Evernote wants you to upgrade to a paid plan and their financial condition has been in the press lately.  If you are concerned, there are other alternatives to Evernote such as Microsoft OneNote, Apple’s Notes and Google Keep.  Although the competition is catching up with the number and usefulness of features, Evernote is still an excellent productivity tool.

How do you organize your notes?  What has your experience been with Evernote?

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